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AM20375 Massage Chair - More Images and Dimensions

AM20375 Massage Chair

Living Room Furniture Reclining and Sliding Seats Sets AM20375 Massage Chair

1. Six automatic massage modes: A. Full body mode B. Neck shoulder mode C. Stretch mode D. Sleep mode E. Exercise recovery mode F. Elderly mode
2. Six massage techniques: Kneading massage, tapping massage, shiatsu massage, knocking massage, Tuina massage, Knead & Knock massage
3. Shoulder, arm, calf, foot air bag automatically switches massage
4. Extra long SL-shaped track with 3D real manipulator, comfortable coverage from head to buttocks
5. Intelligent body shape detection to meet the massage needs of different body types and provide precise massage
6. Equipped with space capsule zero gravity function, you can enjoy a suspended massage experience, as if you are floating in the clouds, relaxed and comfortable
7. The massage hand position, robot hand massage intensity and air bag massage intensity can be adjusted to enjoy customized massage.
8. Waist heating massage to promote blood circulation and achieve the best massage effect
9. Thai roller scraping massage on the soles of the feet, combined with air bag massage to relieve foot fatigue
10. Customizable massage time
11. Double Bluetooth HIFI speakers, enjoy music massage experience
12. Bilateral ambient lighting decoration
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Collection: Extravaganza Collection by ESF

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AM20375 Massage Chair

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