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Born from the union of some leading manufacturers in the upholstered furniture sector, New Trend Concepts is a young company, but at the same time supported by the right experience and knowledge to give life to shapes and combinations that gratify the demanding tastes of all kinds. of customers.

Modern equipment, the patient craftsmanship of skilled workers and the happy touch of the design of the best architects, give our products an unmistakable cut that is expressed in a vast collection that draws its inspiration from both classic and contemporary styles.

The materials used

The quality of our products is deduced from the meticulous interest in every detail, which is why we also attach fundamental importance to the choice of the best raw materials.
With equal care that we verify in every step of the realization, the care of our products, relying only on high quality and orienting ourselves towards all those materials considered not harmful.
Only after passing our exams can they be assembled to create a sofa that is synonymous with reliability and comfort, or rather, a New Trend Concepts sofa.

Special orders